The Houndery

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The Houndery

Post by Ruffnut » Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:24 pm

The Houndery
Owner: Karn Scarbrand
Location: Silverton
Karn Scarbrand
Skill: 6
Stamina: 16
Leather Haub.
Luck: 8
Magic: 0
Common 4
Wolf 1
Animal Lore 2
Religion Lore (Wolves) 2
Brawling 2
Strength 2
Clubs 2
Climb 2
Combat Lore 1
Taming: 3

Karn is a heavily built man who angers easily. However, he does have a soft side and can always be relied on to make the right choice. He started training the hounds in order to fight of Zambar Bones minions, but now he cares for them deeply.

The Houndery
Owner: Karn Scarbrand
Grade: 1 Building and 2 Land
Maintenance: 3gp
Rent: N/A
Income 4x
Income Modifier: +3 (Taming Special Skill)
Staff: None

Hound (Untrained) - 5sp
Hound - 5gp
Passive Hound - 4gp 5sp (Will not fight)
Aggressive Hound - 4sp 5sp (+1 Damage roll, more aggressive)
Defensive Hound - 6gp (+2 Stamina, will protect it's owner)
Calm Hound - 5gp (Less aggressive)
Lazy Hound 4gp (-1 Skill)
Energetic Hound - 5gp 5sp (4 Dodge)
Peaceful Hound 4gp 5sp (Will only fight in defense)

Skill: 6
Medium Bite
Stamina: 8
Dodge 2 / Light Monster
Luck: 6
He just sits there tapping away all day on a tiny screen. But he tells everyone that he is slaying Orcs.

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Re: The Houndery

Post by shintokamikaze » Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:13 pm

Very nice, I was thinking about running some Blacksand gang war games, and hounds would be great for that

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