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Re: Converting Exile to AFF

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:15 am
by Zettonsperson
Exile Alchemy Conversion

As a part of my item conversion of Exile to AFF, I have completed the Alchemy conversion. Basically, Exile Alchemy is equivalent to AFF Herbalism. It includes Ingredients, the various potions and poisons that can be made from them, the recipes to make them, and a New Special Skill.

The New Special Skill is Poisoning, the art of applying poison to weapons or food, drink, clothes and whatever else you assassins think of. It comes with an OOPS table which has such results as Wasting Poison or Dying and Poisoning the Earth around your Corpse for Ten Years.

Re: Converting Exile to AFF

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 5:20 am
by Zettonsperson
Exile Let's Play

I just wanted to draw anybody interested to an Exile Let's Play that I found a while ago. It displays what the Exile games are about, and what they looked like, and what sort of role-playing might be possible with my adaptation to AFF and Cavea. Also, it's just good fun.

Re: Converting Exile to AFF

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 9:37 am
by Zettonsperson
Exile Items Conversion

I have now completed my conversion of the Exile items. Most of these are magical items, and I have only given their values (in AFF SP) and their AFF magic effects, not gone to the extent of converting them to AFF Enchanting grades, recipes and so forth. I have also given the descriptions with Spiderweb Software's characteristic dry humour, from the Blades of Exile open source data. Most of these items, in Exile, were intended to be effective every time for every user; I have not altered this. Tests for successful usages may be applied by Directors as interpreted.

I have finally gotten tired of this forum's painful compression requirement and created a Google Drive for my Exile Conversion project: ... k4QK7Lcnjb

(My other conversion documents and rough Cavea maps [in visible format] are present)

Re: Converting Exile to AFF

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 5:56 am
by Zettonsperson
Exile Skills Conversion

The skills from the Exile games, I've found, are almost entirely the same as AFF's. Only one was not, and I have created it as a new Special Skill.

• New Special Skill: Assassination. Allows a character to attempt to: A) Strike an enemy engaged elsewise in the side or back for double damage; B) Exploit gaps in an enemy’s defenses to strike for double damage; C) Strike without being noticed; or D) Carry out a Feint with the Assassination Special Skill score instead of the weapon score.

The conversion document, given the easy transference, therefore only has this new special skill and the Exile descriptions of the skills.

Re: Converting Exile to AFF

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:01 am
by Zettonsperson
Exile Traits and Weaknesses Conversion

Traits and Weaknesses are essentially convertible to AFF Talents and Anti-Talents. This may work for converting from other role-playing systems.
It wasn't until the second Exile game that Traits and Weaknesses were introduced during character creation. They bestowed certain advantages and affected the amount of Experience a character required for levelling. They were also great for individualising a character for role-playing.

A Weakness, or Anti-Talent, is no mere Curse nor Affliction to be simply cured. It is a problem that one either is born with or acquires. A character considering a Weakness should roll a d6. On even, they may choose a Weakness. On odd, they are a standard being. A Director may impose a Weakness.

Re: Converting Exile to AFF

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 11:21 am
by Zettonsperson
The First Cavean Encounter

Entree to Entrance.

Entrance is the first place that characters will enter in Cavea. They will be met, after their journey by the capricious Taker portal, by the Welcomer, Andrew, who wears a green wig and casts RAP to converse with newcomers. He points characters to a Supplier and an Explainer. There is a possibility that Entrance will be raided by the cat-people Nephilim whilst characters are exploring it. I have tried to make this encounter/scenario/adventure beginning solo-player friendly, and left enough room for Director creativity.

This is all detailed in this document: ... sp=sharing

I really would like some feedback and suggestions on this.

Re: Converting Exile to AFF

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 1:51 am
by Zettonsperson
Colour Map of the Kingdom of Cavea

Below, I have attached a coloured working of my Kingdom of Cavea -South- Map. ... sp=sharing

I will now explain this map and its very rough colourations.
The cave walls are the grey-shaded sections.
Blue, of course, is the watery sections, ponds, rivers, lakes.
Tan represents the cave-floor and its growths of fungi, pale mosses, lichens and occasional stalagmites.
Burgundy represents clumps of large fungus-trees.
Solid black shapes are settlements.
Each square centimetre represents 1 square kilometre/mile...this is truly a large chamber underneath the world's surface.

Town and Feature Explanations
Entrance is the settlement where new immigrants to Cavea arrive in this section of the underworld
Cotra is the royal city of the Kingdom of Cavea.
Silvar is another town of the Kingdom of Cavea.
Dove is another town of the Kingdom of Cavea.
Forts Lion and Dranlon are strongholds against the Sharptail Nephilim lands to the West.
Portal Creek runs alongside Entrance down into the Cavean Sea.
East River runs past Silvar from the Eastern Cave Wall.
The Cavean Sea is the largest body of standing water in the entirety of known Cavea.
Bolgos on its Isle is a free city-state of Cavea, which unofficially supports raids on Kingdom boats.
The Gremlin Forest, between Dove and Silvar, is occupied by Cavean Gremlins (Granzorks) who do not recognise the Kingdom and will beleaguer (steal their food) foolish adventurers who enter their particular patch of forest.
Sharptail Nephilim: A loose confederacy of cat-people clans who raid the Kingdom for glory and its resources.

I will hopefully colour and explain further sections of my maps of Cavea in future posts of this conversion.
The next post, however, will be an outline of encounters and rules for wandering the underworld of Cavea.