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AFF2 Classic Villains

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:42 am
by Morningkiller
Hi all,

I'm currently working on writeups for some of the classic bad guys from FF. I've started with Dungeoneer so here is Xortan Throg. I've expanded his background a bit and bodged up a couple of his more esoteric abilities from the book as arcane rituals. Feedback welcome.

Warning! Spoilers below for the Dungeoneer adventures.

Xortan Throg - Evil Archmage and Heir to Ancient Carsepolis

Skill: 10

Stamina: 14

Magic: 12

Magic Points: 24

Social Class: 5 (or 10 if you believe his claims)

Talents: Arcane, Focus (Sacrificial Dagger), Learned

Special Skills:

Magic – Wizardry: 6, Magic – Minor: 6, Magic – Arcane: 3, Brawl: 3, World Lore: 2, Dodge: 2, Ride: 2, City Lore (Carsepolis): 2, Common Speech: 4, Ancient Allansian: 3, Elvish: 2, Dragon: 2, Religion Lore:1, Magic Lore: 2, Second Sight: 3

Xortan Throg is an evil wizard from a wealthy family descended from the rulers of ancient Carsepolis. His claim to nobility is a poor one as his family line comes from a serving maid who had a dalliance with the last Prince of the city state. Throg was never satisfied with the banal mercantile activities of the family business. He believes he is destined for greater things. After showing some talent for the arcane (a fact he naturally and vocally attributes to his superior ‘Royal Blood’) he spent the bulk of his father’s fortune in pursuit of the secrets of magical power. He has travelled widely and studied with many wizards and archmages. Believing rulership of the ancient region of Northern Allansia to be his by right, he recently began preparing to conquer Port Blacksand, which is built on the ruins of ancient Carsepolis.

Throg has established a base in an old tower near the southern edge of Darkwood forest, not far from Chalice. He has been using the stronghold to finalise his plot. He has worked towards worsening relations between several of the towns and city states of Allansia. He wishes to keep his future enemies (and subjects) divided so that in the future his undead Carsepolitan legions can march in unopposed. That he has managed to accomplish much of this while so close to the tower of Gareth Yaztromo indicates that he is not without subtlety. The plot to kidnap Princess Sarissa was also aimed at enhancing the utility of his ritual Muster the Legion. Throg took significant amounts of blood from the unconscious princess and demanded an equal amount from Prince Barinjhar in exchange for his aid. In time he hopes to use this royal blood to animate the fallen heroes that lie in the soil of Trolltooth pass to further his ambitions. Of course, a few individuals in the line of succession will have to 'make way' for this to be effective but Throg has never been afraid of getting his hands dirty.

Throg also has a lair in the ruined sewers under Port Blacksand. There he works to raise the army of the fallen city as an undead horde. Throg commands almost one thousand skeleton warriors already and as his excavations continue he adds more fallen legionnaires to his host. Currently he is using smugglers to acquire arms and armour to equip his legion. Once he has two thousand troops (the traditional number for a Carsepolitan legion) he will have them swarm up from the sewers to oust the pretender Azzur from his crude mud hut palace. Then everyone will know and fear the name Xortan Throg!

Throg is a petty man at heart and greatly desires to be the centre of attention whenever possible. He has spent a lifetime collecting Carsepolitan pottery and other relics of the city. He dresses in the style of an ancient noble and surrounds himself with his collection to impress others and reinforce his delusions of grandeur. He is, however, a very skilled wizard. Those who mean to confront him would be well advised to use guile and subterfuge as a frontal assault will mean facing his potent spells. He is also fairly handy with his enchanted dagger and has tamed a Griffon to ride in the manner of the fabled Sky Knights of old Carsepolis.

Gear and Treasure:

Cloak of Deflections (Carsepolitan Robes – protects as Chain Cuirass), Potion of Stamina, Sacrificial Dagger of Skill (+1 to combat total), 100 GP, 3 Gems (worth 50 GP each), Crown of Carsepolis (worth 300-2000 GP depending on buyer)

Minor Magic Spells: Attraction, Burn, Cool, Dry, Entertain, Extinguish, Glimmer, Heat, Hold, Inebriate, Instil, Mend, Mistake, Push, Secrete, Smudge, Sour, Spark

Wizardry Spells:

Magic Cost 1: Darkness, Fear, Fire Bolt, Flash, Illusion, Light, Lock, Open, Personalize Spell, Strength, Ward, Weakness
Magic Cost 2: Animate, Breathe, Combine, Counterspell, ESP, Force Bolt, Mirror Selves, Sleep
Magic Cost 4: Arrow snake, Fly, Grow, Grand Illusion, Wall
Magic Cost 6: Cockroach, Petrify, Raise Skeleton
Magic Cost 8: Death

Arcane Rituals:

Muster the Legion

Time to Cast: 12 hours

Required Components: The remains of the army to be animated, Blood of the rightful heir to that army's nation (2 Stamina damage inflicted per casting), The crown, scepter or other symbol of authority of that nation.

Effects: This ritual animates the corpses of a fallen army as skeleton warriors to serve the holder of the crown or scepter. Each casting can animate up to one hundred soldiers. Only the corpses of soldiers of a single nation may be animated by this ritual thus it is often enacted at the mass graves found at the sites of great battles. Unlike regular skeletons these undead soldiers retain much of the skill and discipline that they had in life making them fearsome opponents (Skill 9, Stamina 7). The skeletons are resistant to non-blunt weapons, imposing a -2 penalty on the damage rolls of such arms used against them.

By using this ritual multiple times the caster may animate a maximum of up to two hundred soldiers for each point he has in Magic and the Magic – Arcane special skill. The animated soldiers arrive equipped with whatever gear they were buried with. This is most likely ruined by rot and rust and the ambitious archmage is advised to equip his new troops with adequate weapons and armour before unleashing them on his enemies. The skeletons respond to the verbal commands of whoever holds the crown or scepter of their nation. It is important to learn the language of your new soldiers and to retain possession of the recognised symbol of authority at all times. The death of the animator will cause the animated warriors to fall into dust.

Create Simulacrum

Time to Cast: 8 hours

Required Components: Wood from a Treeman, The Heart of a Shapechanger

Effects: This ritual creates a convincing replica of the caster. Though it is often much physically weaker than the caster (Skill 2, Stamina 6) it can be sent into dangerous places or perilous meetings while the caster remains secure in their sanctum. While the caster concentrates he can perceive what the simulacrum perceives and direct its physical actions. He may also cast spells (but not arcane rituals) through the simulacrum though it is a little tougher than regular casting (-3 to Magic and all spells cost an additional Magic Point). The range at which control may be maintained is equal to 100 miles times the casters Magic - Arcane skill. The destruction of the Simulacrum does no harm to the caster but can be a little disorienting (-2 to Skill and Magic rolls for 5 minutes). If the simulacrum is reduced to zero stamina it collapses and the caster may no longer cast spells through it. The sensory link may be maintained for up to an additinaol hour and the caster may, if desired, manifest as a spectral apparition to taunt the fools who think they have slain him and threaten dire vengeance. Muhahahahahahahhaaaaa.....!!

Next Prince Barinjhar....

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:27 am
by Morningkiller
Prince BarinjharHeir to Chalice and all-round cad and blackguard

Skill: 9

Stamina: 16

Social Class: 9

Talents: Ambidextrous, Combat Reactions, Silvertongued

Special Skills:

World Lore: 2, City Lore (Chalice): 2, Religion Lore: 1, Acrobatics: 2, Dodge: 3, Ride: 2, Swords: 3, Brawling 2, Mounted Combat: 2, Polearms: 2, Con: 3, Etiquette: 2, Leadership: 2, Sneaking 2, Common Speech: 4

Prince Bainjhar is the only child of King Pindar of Chalice. He has been terribly spoiled since birth and is a truly nasty piece of work. However he is an expert manipulator and few close to him, in particular his father, are aware of the depths of his evil and ambition. His good looks, wealth, friendly smile and impeccable manners have made him popular with nobles and common folk alike. Barinjhar has been well trained by the Master-at-arms of Chalice. He fights florentine style with sword and dagger. He regularly spars against several guardsmen and is adept at facing multiple foes. He has bested several nobles in duels and earned a reputation as a swordsman.

The Prince can’t wait for his father to die so he can begin making the changes that Chalice so badly needs. He has considered doing the deed himself but fears being caught if he resorts to murder. The deal he has made with Xortan Throg will keep Salamonis out of Chalice’s affairs in the short term. After, Throg has promised to discreetly remove Pindar for the Prince and set Barinjhar up as Governor of the new province of Chalice in the renewed Empire of Carsepolis. Of course what Barinjhar sees as an alliance, Throg sees as vassalage. Prince Barnjhar is in way over his head.

Gear and Treasure:

Jewelled Sword (worth 200 GP), Chain Cuirass, Matching Jewelled Dagger (worth 50 GP), 50 GP, Signet Ring (worth 100 GP)

Next Sargon - though we need to do a writeup for the Priesthood of Elim first..

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:59 am
by Morningkiller
A priesthood for Sargon. I wanted to keep his spellcasting abilities as presented in Allansia but without cutting him off from Arcane Rituals. He's going to need those to end the world.

Elim – ‘Dark’ - The Great Enemy and Dweller in Darkness, Father of Chaos

Specific Power: Priests of Elim may channel the raw darkness and chaos of Elim into magic. They may develop the Magic – Wizardry skill and cast spells as if they were wizards. They keep their spells in a grimoire like other wizards. If the priest ever falls out of favour with Elim his wizardry will cease to work and any attempted casting will require a roll on the Oops table. Priests of Elim may never learn spells that heal or create light or life. Knowledge of Wizardry does not preclude a priest of Elim from becoming an archmage or studying sorcery when he attains Magic 12 and Magic – Priestly 6.

General Powers

- Curse
- Weakness
- Incite

Elim is one of the Primal Deities and is also known as the Great Enemy and the Dweller in Darkness, whose aim is to return all to the Primal Chaos. His name means simply ‘Dark’ and it is thought that Elim created the three High Lords of Evil and Chaos. Worship of Elim has all but died out on Titan with only a few ancient cults still praying to the primordial evil. Elim is opposed by Ashra and Vuh (‘Light’ and ‘Life’). Elim is not recommended as a deity for a player character to follow.

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:49 am
by Morningkiller
Sargon the DarkResurrected Priest of Elim, Primate of Elim’s Church and Herald of the End Times

Skill: 10

Stamina: 15

Magic: 12

Magic Points: 28

Social Class: 8

Talents: Dark Seeing, Arcane, Blessed

Special Skills:

Magic – Priestly: 6, Magic – Wizardry: 4, Magic – Arcane: 3, Magic Lore: 4, Second Sight: 4, Brawl: 2, World Lore: 3, Awareness: 2, Leadership: 5, Etiquette: 2, Con: 2, Ride: 2, City Lore (Carsepolis): 2, Common Speech: 3, Ancient Allansian: 4, Elvish: 2, Orcish: 2, Troll: 2 Dragon: 2, Religion Lore: 6

Special Abilities:

As the instrument of Elim’s will on Titan, Sargon has been granted special blessings by his dark Lord. He is immune to normal weapons and mundane damage. Arrows and swords simply bounce off his skin. Enchanted weapons and spells can harm him normally. In addition he no longer needs to sleep and is immune to the effects of the Sleep spell.

Sargon, the Primate of the Revived Church of Elim, was once a noble and leader of a secret cult within the City of Carsepolis. He led his followers in an attempt to steal the Crystal of Power during the final assault of the forces of Chaos in the War of the Wizards. Loyal priests of Carsepolis planned to throw the Crystal into the Sea to deny it to their enemies and Sargon ambushed them. Fortunately for Carsepolis his ambition exceeded his arcane lore and he was slain when his Death spell was reflected on him by the Crystal. Sargon’s house was expunged from the nobility and his name became synonymous with the vilest treachery. While he has fallen from memory in much of Allansia he is still known to the swamp people of Ekaad as the High Priest of the "Great Enemy".

Because of the manner of his death, Sargon was condemned to wander the streets of Carsepolis as a restless shade until released. Over time the streets of his home became the filthy sewers beneath Port Blacksand and in 300 years of contemplating darkness and death he has become utterly devoted to his dark God. When a band of adventurers seeking to slay the wizard Xortan Throg came across him and unwittingly resurrected him he embarked upon his divine mission to unleash Chaos on Titan once more.

Sargon is once more spreading the Word of Elim. He is building cells of cultists in the cities of Allansia, recuiting tribes of orcs, trolls and creatures of Chaos and he is seeking the ancient relics of Elim, including the dreaded Dagger of Elim. His most senior convert now leads the cell in Port Blacksand and currently works to construct a monstrous golem of brass to serve as an Avatar for the dark hatred of Elim. Allansia is unprepared for the storm Sargon plans to unleash on it.

Sargon is proud and dismissive of what he considers the primitive peoples of modern Allansia. He is charismatic and can easily turn the weak willed to the darkness of Elim. His invulnerability and zeal have made him arrogant and this may be the key to his undoing.

Gear and Treasure:

Dagger, 200 GP, Dark Grimoire, Black Candle with bound Silent Death Demon (Skill 10, Stamina 20, Brawl 4, Strength 6, 2 Attacks, Large Claws, no armour, only harmed by magic)

Wizardry Spells:

Magic Cost 1: Befuddle, Darkness, Fear, Fire Bolt, Illusion, Lock, Open, Personalize Spell, Strength, Ward, Weakness
Magic Cost 2: Animate, Combine, Counterspell, ESP, Fog, Force Bolt, Sleep
Magic Cost 4: Arrow snake, Fog, Fly, Grand Illusion, Invidsibility, Lightning blast, Wall
Magic Cost 6: Bind Silent Death, Cockroach, Exchange Shape, Petrify, Raise Skeleton, See Future, Teleport, Wall of Power
Magic Cost 8: Assassins Dagger, Death, Summon Demonspawn (summons d6+1), Summon Silent Death

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:20 am
by Morningkiller
Some rituals for Sargon. Pretty nasty stuff but he is not a nice man...

Arcane Rituals:

Awakening the Darkness in Brass

Time to Cast: 12 hours

Required Components: Master-crafted Clockwork Heart

Effects: This ritual allows the caster to instill the essence of Elim into a mechanical device so that the Dweller in Darkness might walk upon Titan. As Elim is the antithesis of Life, only in this cold, clockwork form may he be brought to the world. The caster must be a Priest of Elim and prays over the device in utter darkness for twelve hours. If Elim hears his prayers the heart is given a dark spirit and may be used to complete a Brass Golem. If Elim finds the Priest lacking he demands that the Priest’s heart be laid upon his altar instead.

Distilling the Oil of Life

Time to Cast: 8 hours

Required Components: Sacrificial Victims

Effects: This ritual forms the vital oil that lubricates and animates a Brass Golem. As Elim cannot create life it must be stolen. One sentient being must be sacrificed for each point of Skill and Stamina the Golem is to possess. The life force of these victims is distilled into the oil which may then be used to animate a Brass Golem.

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:48 am
by Morningkiller
On to the big boys

Oldoran Zagor The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and First of the Demonic Three

Skill: 11

Stamina: 18

Magic: 12

Magic Points: 24

Social Class: 5

Talents: Arcane, Attuned, Focus (Deck of Cards)

Special Skills:

Magic – Minor: 6, Magic – Wizardry: 6, Magic – Arcane: 3, Magic Lore: 4, Second Sight: 4, Brawl: 4, World Lore: 3, Awareness: 2, Leadership: 2, Etiquette: 2, Con: 2, City Lore (Zengis): 2, Sleight of Hand: 2, Bargain: 2, Evaluate: 2, Common Speech: 4, Ancient Allansian: 3, Orcish: 2, Troll: 2, Dragon: 3

Special Abilities:

Zagor is a cautious man and has hedged himself with magical contingencies and demonic bargains to ensure his resurrection should he meet his end. Part of this may stem from paranoia about protecting his vast treasure, not to mention the murder of his master, Volgera Darkstorm, by his two companions – Zharradan Marr and Balthus Dire. Killing Oldoran Zagor is far from impossible but he is unlikely to stay dead for very long.

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain remains something of a mystery. Unlike many wizards who engage in world-spanning plots to further their power, Zagor has seemingly remained content in his mountain lair. Though he has acquired the services of many foul monsters and even a dragon, he has shown little desire for the conquest and tyranny one would expect from one of the Demonic Three. Perhaps he is simply more patient and secretive than anyone gives him credit for.

Gear and Treasure:

Dagger of Sharpness (+1 to damage rolls), 200 GP, Volgera Darkstorm’s Spellbook, Deck of Enchanted Cards

Minor Magic Spells: All

Wizardry Spells:

Magic Cost 1: Befuddle, Darkness, Fear, Fire Bolt, Flash, Ironhand, Illusion, Light, Lock, Open, Personalize Spell, Strength, Ward, Weakness
Magic Cost 2: Animate, Combine, Concentrate, Counterspell, Darksee, Ensure, ESP, Farseeing, Fog, Force Bolt, Mirror Selves, See Through, Sentry, Sleep
Magic Cost 4: Arrow snake, Command, Find, Fly, Grand Illusion, Invisibility, Lightning Blast, Shrink, Wall, Weather Control
Magic Cost 6: Cockroach, Exchange Shape, Petrify, Raise Skeleton, See Future, Teleport, Wall of Power, Web
Magic Cost 8: Assassins Dagger, Death, Earthquake

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:45 am
by Morningkiller
Balthus DireLord of the Black Tower, King of Craggen Heights and Second of the Demonic Three

Skill: 11

Stamina: 19

Magic: 12

Magic Points: 22

Social Class: 10

Talents: Arcane, Armour Training, Dark Seeing, Weaponmaster

Special Skills:

Armour: 4, Swords: 4, Strength: 4, Magic – Minor: 4, Magic – Wizardry: 6, Magic – Sorcery: 4, Magic Lore: 2, Second Sight: 3, Brawl: 4, Sleight of Hand: 2, World Lore: 3, Awareness: 2, Leadership: 5, Etiquette: 2, City Lore (Salamonis): 2, Common Speech: 4, Ancient Allansian: 2, Orcish: 2, Troll: 3

Unlike many wizards, Balthus Dire is an accomplished swordsman. He is rarely out of his armour and looks every inch the military commander. To offset the difficulties of casting wizard spells in full armour Dire has studied sorcery. Combined with the spells he learned from Darkstorm there is little in terms of battle magic that Balthus Dire cannot accomplish.

Balthus retains a weakness passed down from his sires: sunlight is like a poison to the Dires. Exposure to direct sunlight will kill him almost immediately. Needless to say, it is always cloudy over the Black Tower.

Balthus Dire is the third in a line of Dark Sorcerers ruling over the Black Tower and the Kingdom of Craggen Rock. He lived his early years in the Black Tower, a remote citadel built in the Craggen Heights by his grandfather Gandor Dire. The Craggen Heights, a mountain range south of Salamonis, was a region that had long been home evil creatures. Many of the denizens of the peaks are in the employ of the Dires. It was in this corrupting environment and under the influence of his evil father , Craggen Dire, that Balthus began to manifest his malevolence. Having absorbed everything his father could instruct him about dark sorcery and the military arts he travelled to Volgera Darkstorm's school of black magic at the age of fourteen.

There he met Zagor and Zharradan Marr and the three of them excelled under Darkstorm's expert tuition. Such was their prowess that they became known as the "Demonic Three". However, along with Zagor and Marr, Dire's greed for knowledge fuelled his thirst for power and Darkstorm began to fear the consequences of their ambition. Despising their tutor's attempt to exert a calming influence, they turned on him and slew him with a disguised Rain of Knives spell.

Dire returned to the Black Tower to apply the skills that he had learned towards his ultimate goal, the dominion over Allansia. Even as his father tearfully embraced him in welcome, Balthus Dire stabbed him to death with a poisoned blade and the Craggen Heights were his. He subsequently married the dark sorceress Lady Lucretia, and for eight years Dire has ruled his mountain. Dire has increased the Black Tower's small guard into a sizable army. He was a major protagonist in the Trolltooth Wars and poses a continuing threat to Salamonis. His next move is the conquest of the Vale of Willow.

Gear and Treasure:

Sword, Chain Cuirass of Protections, Ring of Swordsmanship (+2 to Sword skill while worn), Poisoned Dagger, Spellbook, Sorcery Components, Potion of Stamina, 100 GP

Minor Magic Spells: Burn, Enhance, Extinguish, Hold, Jab, Mistake, Noise, Push, Repulsion, Secrete, Spark, Weather Protection

Wizardry Spells:
Magic Cost 1: Darkness, Fear, Fire Bolt, Ironhand, Ignite, Lock, Open, Personalize Spell, Strength, Thunder, Ward, Weakness
Magic Cost 2: Breach, Combine, Concentrate, Counterspell, Darksee, ESP, Farseeing, Fog, Force Bolt, Mirror Selves, See Through, Sentry, Sleep, Strong Arm
Magic Cost 4: Arrow snake, Command, Explode, Fly, Grand Illusion, Lightning Blast, Magic Bridge, Shrink, Wall, Weather Control
Magic Cost 6: Cockroach, Exchange Shape, Hurricane, Petrify, Raise Skeleton, Teleport, Wall of Power
Magic Cost 8: Assassins Dagger, Earthquake

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:51 pm
by Morningkiller
The Lizard KingLord of Fire Island and Slave to the Gonchong

Skill: 14 (9)

Stamina: 20 (15)

Social Class: 10 (with Lizard Men)

Attacks: 2

Armour: Medium

Damage: As sword (+1 on damage roll) plus an additional point of fire damage that ignores armour

The Lizard King of Fire Island has fallen under the influence of the dreaded Gonchong. The parasite seeks to expand its hosts power and authority. The attacks on the good fishermen of Oyster Bay are surely only the beginning.

The attached Gonchong significantly boosts the Lizard King’s already formidable abilities. In addition the parasite makes its host immune to most damage. Only fire damage can temporarily remove this protection. If the King suffers fire damage he becomes vulnerable to regular damage in the following round. The Lizard King wields a fire sword in combat. The fact that the Gonchong chooses to keep such a deadly blade close to hand may indicate that Gonchongs do not like to work together and indeed may be violently territorial.

A Black Lion (Skill 11, Stamina 11) accompanies the Lizard King at all times. In addition the King can call upon the magic of his dark priests and voodoo sorcerers. In spite of the Gonchong’s influence the King remains deathly afraid of monkeys.

Gear and Treasure:

Fire Sword

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:37 pm
by Morningkiller
ShareellaThe Snow Witch, Scourge of the Icefinger Mountains

Skill: 10

Stamina: 15

Magic: 12

Magic Points: 20

Attacks: 3

Social Class: 7

Talents: Arcane, Darkseeing, Silvertongued

Special Skills:

Strength: 6, Jump: 6, Magic – Minor: 4, Magic – Wizardry: 6, Magic – Arcane: 3, Magic Lore: 2, Second Sight: 3, Brawl: 4, Sleight of Hand: 2, Etiquette: 2, World Lore: 2, Awareness: 2, Leadership: 2, Con: 3, Etiquette: 2, City Lore (Zengis): 2, Common Speech: 4, Ancient Allansian: 2, Orcish: 2, Troll: 2

Shareella was born Human, in the city of Zengis, and studied the ways of wizardry from a young age. Part of her training was a test of her survival skills, and to this end she was sent into the Icefinger Mountains. During this test, Shareella she came across a valley at the end of which was a huge statue of a Demon carved from ice. She laid her palm on the statue only to find that it was no statue but a true Ice Demon. This creature of The Pit mesmerized her with its words and turned her to the ways of darkness. She was shown a vision of an ice-covered world over which she was ruler and she was taught the ways of Necromancy.

The Orcs and Goblins that worshipped the Ice Demon began to serve Shareella and built for her the Crystal Caverns deep into a glacier. These servants also form terrible raiding parties, capturing all manner of slaves who are fitted with enchanted collars that compel obedience. In the caverns she practised her skills further, and her cold detachment from her mortality has physically manifested itself to such a degree that she is now a Vampire. Within the caverns she continues to hone her skills in ice magic ready to unleash the power of the ice and bring a new Ice Age to all of Titan.

Shareella has all of the abilities and weaknesses of a vampire in addition to her potent witchcraft. She has also developed several arcane rituals based on the power of winter and a terrible slow-acting death spell designed to torture those who draw her ire. She has also enchanted a crystal orb in an effort to cheat death.

Gear and Treasure:

Spellbook, Crystal Orb, Spare Control Collars

Minor Magic Spells: All

Wizardry Spells:

Magic Cost 1: Befuddle, Darkness, Fear, Ironhand, Glowing Eyes, Illusion, Lock, Open, Peace, Personalize Spell, Strength, Thunder, Tongue Twister, Ward, Weakness
Magic Cost 2: Combine, Concentrate, Counterspell, Darksee, ESP, Farseeing, Fog, Force Bolt, Languages, Levitate, Mirror Selves, See Through, Sentry, Sleep, Strong Arm
Magic Cost 4: Command, Find, Fly, Grand Illusion, Lightning Blast, Shrink, Wall, Weather Control
Magic Cost 6: Banish Undead, Cockroach, Exchange Shape, Hurricane, Raise Skeleton, Teleport, Wall of Power
Magic Cost 8: Assassins Dagger, Death

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:24 am
by Brimgeth
No entry for Zanbar Bone?

Re: AFF2 Classic Villains

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:18 pm
by Slloyd14
These are good. I love the AFF villains especially.