Attack and Defence Strengths?

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Attack and Defence Strengths?

Post by joesmith » Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:37 pm

Hi all,

Would like some help, advice and common sense. I have this notion stuck in my mind but have been rolling it around for so long that it sort of makes no sense anymore, so help please!

I've been thinking about situations where someone opens themselves up to attack but at the same time makes their attack better. An example might be someone shooting a rifle in the open - they are stationary and aiming, making their shots better, but at the same time they are easier to hit. Or the martial artist making an all out attack - they are going to be easier to hit but at the same time they are going to have an easier time hitting.

In the basic rules, both sides roll and the highest total wins. But how then would you account for these examples? The rifleman would have a bonus to his Skill, and so would the guy shooting him back, but simply adding to each skill does not seem adequate to me. Nor in the case of the martial artist, there is the very real chance that both sides would hit each other.

So, for *specialised situations only* I was thinking of having an Attack Strength and a Defence Strength. In most situations, they are one and the same, but there might be times when they could be different. In the case of the rifleman and the martial artist, they might have positive modifiers to their Attack Strength but at the same time, they might have negative modifiers to their Defence Strength. Both Attack and Defence Strength share the same die roll.

Then you compare the Attack Strength of the attacker with the Defence Strength of the target and vice versa. If the Attack Strength is higher than the Defence Strength, the target is hit. This could result in both participants getting hit.

An example.
Two martial artists are going at it, hammer and tong. Martial Artist A is going all out to attack his target and leaving himself wide open. He gets a +2 Attack Strength but a -2 Defence Strength.
Martial Artist B is going all defensive. He gets a -1 to Attack Strength but a +3 to Defence Strength.

Martial Artist A rolls a 7 and thus has a Attack Strength 9, Defence Strength 5.
Martial Artist B rolls a 7 and thus has a Attack Strength 6 and Defence Strength 10.

The end result is that Martial Artist B hits Martial Artist A but blocks the others attack.

Yes, it does result in a little extra work, and yes, it might be totally illogical and yes, you can flame as much as you like, that's what I would like - does it make sense, is it pointless?

We use this to make Martial Arts a little bit more varied, some arts are defensive, some are offensive and so on.

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Post by Morningkiller » Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:17 pm

I think this can work fine. It's not too much extra work and if the campaign focuses on the martial arts then the extra granularity of maneuvers should feed into the story - 'only the Stance of the Righteous Dragon can best my foes Rain of Steel technique'

I like that this method allows for enemies to hit each other in the same round. Currently this only happens on a pair of double 6s.

You could even take it a step further and have the fighters split their Skill between attack and defense each round.

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Post by joesmith » Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:25 pm

Thank-you, nice to know I'm not going mad. It was one of those things that seemed like a good idea and then the more I thought about it, the more it spiralled out of control in my brain! ;-)

As for martial arts, what we have done is use the normal unarmed combat skill, and then you buy martial art style and any special abilities unique to that style.

Each style gives a modifier to attack, defence, holds, throws, grapples and then we have a +1 or +2 modifier to the damage roll which depends on the skill of the user. For example, for the offensive style below, if the martial artist had a skill 9, then they would gain a +1 to their damage rolls when using the art. These styles could also be applied to weapons, thus creating gun-kata, sword martial arts and the like - that's why we didn't create a new martial arts skill.

So, for example, an offensive style might be
Attack +1, Defence +0, Holds +0, Throws +0, Grapples +0, +1 damage 8+, +2 damage 11+

A defensive style might be
Attack +0, Defence +1, Holds +1, Throws +0, Grapples +0, +1 damage 9+, +2 damage 12+

A style like Judo might be
Attack -1, Defence +0, Hold +0, Throws +1, Grapples +1, No damage mods

Special abilities are based on computer game moves, so include Power Attack (-1 to Attack, +1 to damage roll), Combo (if you hit twice in a row gain extra damage) and the like.

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Post by torus » Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:16 pm

That seems like quite a good specialisation of the combat rules, for when you want a bit more detail. Personally I would use it sparingly - I like combat to be quick - but for major pc v npc battles I could see it working well.

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