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New Gods

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:19 am
by RossN
Inspired by the the lines in the rulebook about there being plenty more gods than the the major ones listed I thought I'd try my hand at creating a few new minor deities. See what you guys think.

Goddess of Rogues

Specific Power: Once per day the Priest may turn himself invisible, with exactly the same effects as the Wizardy spell Invisibility although this power only works on the Priest himself.

General Powers:
- Protection vs. Traps
- Heal
- Ill-Luck

Mirala is one of the younger gods, a demi-goddess with patronage over actors, troubadours, charlatans and thieves. Though considered one of the Neutral gods rather than Evil she is not publicily worshipped in more civilised regions - for obvious reasons! On the other hand most of the bigger thieves guilds boast a followers of hers in their ranks.

Mirala is the daughter of Logan, though who her other parent is, is less agreed upon. Old Worlders believe her mother to be Lunara while in Allansia and Khul the goddess in question is Asrel (priests of both Asrel and Lunara are quick to blame the other deity as being responsible.) She is a trickster like her father, though unlike Logan she has little interest in the balance and more in mischief and adventure. Stories abound of her escapades and all paint a picture of a goddess with a great deal of cunning and charm but less in the way of wisdom (nearly all Miralan myths climax with the goddess thinking her way out of a problem she got herself into in the first place.)

Mirala is depicted as either a beautiful young woman in a hooded cloak and her symbol is the magpie. Her priests or priestess tend to own such a cloak and an easily concealable silver magpie pendant (though tame real magpies are a popular choice amongst some devotees.)

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:55 pm
by MountainPeak11
Very nice! Definitely going to use this! Would Mirala be able to apply to the Priest class though?

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:46 pm
by RossN
MountainPeak11 wrote:Very nice! Definitely going to use this! Would Mirala be able to apply to the Priest class though?
Definitely. She wouldn't have a large priesthood mind but I could definitely see her having adherents in Port Blacksand, Tak or Khare.

Mirala's priests probably don't reveal themselves much outside membership of various thieves guilds and most of her shrines are going to be hidden but they are probably quietly tolerated in several places - they favour violence free crime and encourage honour amongst thieves. A few could even be heroic Robin Hood types.

Working on another deity - the God of Poison.

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:00 am
by RossN
God of Poisons & Assassination

Specific Power: Priests of Nathril are immune to all non-magical poisons. By tasting an unidentified poison and a priest of Nathril may determine what type it is. Both of these powers count as being 'always on'

General Powers:
- Create food and water*
- Ill-Luck
- Weakness

* Food and water created by a Priest of Nathril seem nourishing but in fact contain a tasteless mild poison.

Nathril is one of the Dark Lords. An evil god of obscure origin Nathril is the patron of assassins and murderers and above all poisioners. According to legend it is he who first inspired the use of certain plants to intentionally cause death.

In truth for all his evil Nathril is a god in deep decline whose influence has faded in recent centuries. Before the War of the Wizards poison was a regular tool of unscruplous kings and princes and spies and assassins found ready work. The collapse of so much civilisation has meant feuds are more likely to be settle by axe and sword rather than the more subtle means of poison. He is almost entirely forgotten in Khul and Allansia, even by assassins though rumours persist of a small hidden shrine in Port Blacksand. Only in the Old World does his worship linger and even here it barely hangs on.

Nathril has vanishingly few priests but all of those he does have are also professional assassins. For obvious reasons they were no identifying garments, priding themselves on their ability to remain hidden.

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:53 pm
by RossN
God of Wealth

Specific Power: Once per day a Priest of Orric may 'sense' gold. The priest instinctively knows the general location and worth of any horde of gold or silver worth more than 100 GP within five miles. He doesn't gain any additional information (such as if the treasure is guarded or trapped!)

General Powers:
- Heal
- Protection vs. Thieves & bandits
- Bless

Orric, the son of Throff might have been a demigod of the Dwarfs originally though he is now a popular deity in many human lands, especially amongst merchants. He is the god of Wealth - specifically wealth acquired through trade and business (gold and gems dug from the earth are more the preserve of his mother.) In appearance he resembles a prosperous looking merchant, perhaps run to fat a little across his middle but with sharp blue eyes. He is a shrewd, hard headed deity leaning more towards Neutrality than his mother, though he sternly discourages lying amongst his followers - a reputation for dishonesty is very bad for repeat business!

Priests and priestess of Orric tend to be (in)famously canny and are some of the best hagglers you are ever likely to meet (all of them have the Bargain and Evaluate special skills.) A great many of them tend to be merchants on the side. His faith is particularly strong (amongst humans) in the Old World where the great stability of the kingdoms has been good for business. His symbol is the gold ring and his priests wear ostentatious ermine lined blue robes.

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:51 pm
by Nuvole!
Keep going... :wink:

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:22 pm
by RossN
God of Strength

Specific Power: Once per day a Priest of Throl may increase his damage roll by +3.

General Powers:
- Heal
- Smite vs. Wizards
- Bravery

Throl is the son of Farigiss, God of Ice and Cold and and an unnamed giantess. He is a war god like Telak but where Telak is the god of courage and combat Throl deals solely with matters of physical might and inflicting damage - few generals follow Throl. He is very much a brawn over brain deity and his few priests are known as much for their muscles as for their teachings and their excessive imbing of mead and ale.

Throl is no longer much worshipped by humans outside the barbarian tribes of Northern Allansia - for all his personal might, and he is perhaps second only to Titan himself when it comes to strength, he is far cruder and less complicated than Telak and less successful in war (the Throlite word for tactics translates roughly as 'charge'). On the other hand his Neutral leanings have meant that some Hill Trolls and Ogres have begun to follow him, relating to his brawling approach to life.

Throl is depicted as a huge muscular barbarian armed with a morning star whose spikes are made from dragons teeth. His priests favour engraved iron armbands and horned helms.

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:39 am
by RossN
By the way if anyone else wants to post their own hobrew gods here be my guest. :)

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:18 am
by Brimgeth
Good work. I can just picture a warband of northern barbarians charging to war screaming Throl's name.

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:28 pm
by Skyrock
I've done Lunara a while ago: viewtopic.php?t=328&highlight=lunara

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:36 pm
by RossN
Very nice job Skyrock! I remebered Lunara and thought she would make a good mother for Mirala.

Would Allansian priests of Kuran have similar powers?

Oh and if you want to repost Lunara here it would be very cool.

Re: New Gods

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:25 am
by RossN
Patron Goddess of the Black Elves

Specific Power: Once per day a priestess of Nal-Shamira may use a crystal ball to scry on others many miles away; by staring into the depths of the crstal orb she will recieve a glimpse of what any individual she names is doing at that particular moment and where they are. The vision lasts for five minutes and the priestess must actually know her target's name to observe them.

General Powers:
- Heal
- Ill Luck
- Weakness

Nal-Shamira, the divine patroness of Black Elves is one of the more obscure gods of Titan, though some scholars link her with a very minor Elven demigoddess mentioned in a few ancient texts and a handful of sages believe her to be a corrupted version of Sindla. The Black Elves themselves tell different stories, of a benign deity who took pity on the exiled people after their cataclysmic schism with the demon worshipping Dark Elves. Nal-Shamira taught the Black Elves many subtle secrets of magic and survival in harsh lands and among hostile peoples; she is a cunning, cautious and pragmatic deity; not cruel but suspicious of outsiders and ruthless in the protection of her followers and very much aligned with the gods of Neutrality rather than Good or Evil.

Nal-Shamira's symbol is the crystal ball. She has very few temples outside of Kakhabad (and even there only in Khare) but most large caravans of Black Elves will have a priestess travelling with them. Such women are considered sacroscant and the normally pragmatic, unsentimental Black Elves will fight with astonishing fury in defence of them whatever the odds.

Re: New Gods

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 11:25 am
by RossN
My own (online) AFF game is starting again after a hiatus so I thought I'd update this thread. Anyone have any gods they want to post, or suggestions for me to work on? :)

Re: New Gods

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:11 am
by RossN
God of Prophecy

Specific Power: Priests and priestess of Melkothare skilled at divining destiny be they in the form of troubling dreams, the strange flight of birds or the patterns of a mans palm. Whatever their method (which varies from land to land) once per day they may cast a divination for one specific person with exactly the same effects as the See Future spell.

General Powers:
- Commune
- Ward
- Heal

Melkoth (known as Xarius in Khul and Phaezra in parts of the Old World) is the blind god of prophecy, the patron of seers and fortune tellers. He is believed by the wise to be kin to Hamaskis, though sages disagree on wheter he is the brother or son of the god of learning.

Melkoth is known across Titan but actual worshippers are rare breed of his; as much as many men are keen to glimpse into the future there is something deeply unsettling in doing so. Legend has it that Melkoth himself sacrificed his vision for the chance to drink the waters of the fabled River of Time that gives it's drinkers knowlege of the future. If true he has not revealed all of what he has he seen (at least to mortals) but he is a gloomy, humourless deity in myth - which has done little to increase his popularity amonst the peoples of Titan.

The few priests who follow Melkoth wear nondescript robes and lead medallions depicting a closed eye on one side and an open eye on the other.


In the Old World Melkoth is unknown and seers revere a beautiful but blind young goddess named Phaezra, a daughter of Asrel. Unlike Melkoth whose true priests are mostly (though not entirely) male, her faithful are all female, and in superstitious areas have sometimes been burned as witches. They have no known symbols.

Re: New Gods

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 1:17 pm
by RossN
Goddess of Misfortune

Specific Power: A Priest of Shirana may once per day force another's successful LUCK roll to be rerolled.

General Powers:
- Curse
- Ill-Luck
- Weakness

Shirana (also known as the Mistress of Misfortunes) is a minor Goddess, thought to be a sister of Tanit and Slaang, little actively worshipped outside Khul but known across Titan by name at least; "Shirana's kiss" is a euphemism for disastorous bad luck. It might seem strange that a Goddess of bad luck is worshipped at all but in fact some desperate souls do pray to Shirana to ward off catastrophe, hoping the famously fickle Goddess will direct her attentions eleswhere. The Mistress of Misfortunes has a small wandering priesthood, mostly female, whom people seek out to direct bad luck at their enemies. For obvious reasons they are not openly welcome in civilised lands!

Priestesses of Shirana wear ash coloured robes. Their symbol is a broken mirror.