Gamebook Generator Idea Posting Here

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Gamebook Generator Idea Posting Here

Post by DiscoSoup » Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:04 pm

So I posted this idea in the Stellar Adventures playtest forum, but realized that I should have put it here:

Hi, all. So I posted this idea to Graham via Kickstarter message, and he said I should post it here. What I've been thinking of writing is a gamebook generator. It would essentially be a document that lets you create branching adventures that you can trade with your friends.

I've been an RPG writer for the last six years or so. I've never written a gamebook, but I understand them very well, as they're my favorite form of roleplaying.

I'm currently in the process of creating a book that allows GMs to make adventures on the fly, or for solo players to create their own stories. The basic framework is done, and you can read it here: ... sp=sharing

That system includes an enemy generator, encounter generator, item generator and more. When you get to a new moon you roll up what type of encounters exist on the moon and fill out a blank 2D6 table. Then you create a set of enemies to encounter. After that, you play!

Here's an example of an adventure that I created randomly using the system: ... n.pdf?dl=0

The adventure currently has a five-star rating on drivethrurpg. The Million Moons of Manza book isn't finished yet; I still have to fill out the rest of the planet types and inhabitant types, but it's complete enough to explain how the system works.

I'm interested in doing something that's compatibel with AFF, but in the vein of the system above (although much simpler). Any thoughts? Graham advised me that I should page Slloyd14 about this. I had no idea he was a forum regular. He wrote one of my favorite gamebooks of all time, Sharkbait's Revenge.

What I'm envisioning is a system that first presents several different story tree flowcharts from which to choose (with advice on creating your own). You'd have examples of games with "hubs" that you can return to for more quests, linear adventures and so on. Then there'd be a series of tables for creating places to explore. I'd keep it setting-neutral so players of both AF&F and Stellar Adventures could use it. The location generator would let you choose (or randomly select if you want to be surprised) like a ruin, a cave, a forest, etc. and then each section gives you ideas for features within that type of area. You'd also generate traps and enemies from a list of suggested abilities and statistics (choosing or randomly rolling for variation). Once you do this you'd have a little gamebook of your own. You could keep everything as-is, such as having a section simply read, "Forest clearing with a wild boar SKILL X STAMINA Y" and fill in the details for yourself as you play, or you could write up richer descriptions and organize it all into a book for your friends to enjoy.

I'd love any comments!

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