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From Unformed Realms

Post by PaulB » Sat Nov 05, 2016 4:47 pm

For those moments when your players have taken the inevitable path away from whatever you have planned, From Unformed Realms provides the ideal tool for conjuring up a flash of inspiration. In 20 horror packed pages, the supplement provides myriad options for the random creation of horrific nightmares and unnameable monstrosities. You can either roll randomly with a 6-sided die or flick to a random page and choose a numbered section, then inflict the content on your appreciative players.

From Unformed Realms offers you a gathering of system-free random tables designed to provide a quick, but evocative, springboard for your creativity just when you need it most.
From Unformed Realms, nominally a supplement for The Cthulhu Hack, is … a simple but detailed system for creating “horrific” and otherworldly monsters. But it’s nearly systemless – just a long list of ideas for charging up your monsters. As a fantasy gamer, I didn’t expect this to work for me – but I was pleased to find that From Unformed Realms is a great tool for any game that needs weird and malevolent opponents.

From Unformed Realms was a very pleasant surprise to me. I expected a drier set of tables more focused on Cthulhu – instead, it’s an evocative and easy to read source of inspiration for just about any otherworldly monster. I like how it cuts straight to the weirdness – horrific or simply dangerous – and lets you build the monster around those core abilities. I fully intend to use this in fantasy games – at least high-fantasy ones, where “realism” isn’t a concern. --- RPG Geek review
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