Variable Damage

The Faserip supernatural system
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Variable Damage

Post by bottg » Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:52 am

One thing i have been thinking about with human(ish) is the damage mechanism. FASERIP was always fixed damage, which meant that at certain armour levels, you were immune from taking damage, even though the other effects (slam etc) could still occur.

So i found various variable damage rules out there and cobbled them together into this.

Rather than applying a fixed damage amount, the damage inflicted is as follows:

Terrible 2 1D4
Bad 4 1D8
Average 6 1D10
Decent 10 1D10+5
Great 20 2D10+10
World Class 30 3D10+15
Fantastic 40 4D10+20
Astounding 50 5D10+25
Wondrous 75 7D10+40
Phenomenal 100 10D10+50

Improvised or Fist Bad
Knife, crowbar, axe, sword Average
Large Axe Decent
Chainsaw Great

Baton Gun Average
Bow/Crossbow Decent
Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun Great
Assault Rifle Great
Machine Gun/Sniper Rifle World Class
Grenade Fantastic
Mortar Wondrous
Anti-Tank Shell Phenomenal

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