[Regional Sorcery] Mauristatia

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[Regional Sorcery] Mauristatia

Post by Skyrock » Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:21 pm

You cannot take your Spell Book with you, as the sorcerers of Analand cannot risk its falling into the wrong hands of Kakhabad"
- Sorcery! Introduction, "Equipment and Provisions"

"Each country's sorcery is one of its most closely guarded secrets."
- Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents, entry #8

One idea I always liked is the notion that all the nations of the Old World have their own kind of sorcery they keep secret from outsiders - a sorcery that reflects the needs, culture and history of the country.

This would be the following:
- Brice
- Femphrey
- Gallantaria
- Lendleland
- Mauristatia
- Ruddlestone

(I will skip Analand as it is already covered by the main rules. Kakhabad will be skipped as it isn't really an unified nation.)

What this will be for now is just a brainstorming to get a basic grip on the concept of the individual sorceries, one thread at a time. Once all of the Old World is covered by a concept, I'll see what concrete stuff can be come up with.

Don't sweat overlap in spells, especially very basic ones. Ideas like the wheel or picking up a stick to whack someone have developed simultanously all around the world. Likewise, zapping someone with a lightning bolt is a very basic idea that is likely to be similarly popular.

We are now nearing the end with...


The country

Let's be crystal-clear up-front: Mauristatia IS Transsylvania. Take Castlevania, Ravenloft and Hammer movies, add liberal doses of Halloween decorations, hum the Monster Mash, and you've got a good idea about Mauristatia.

Some principalities might be ruled by werewolf robber barons, some by vampire lords and some by necromancers, but whereever you look, evil has the upper hand.
Humanity needs to act in a pretty warped way to cope with that kind of situation. One village might simply assume a fatalistic view, grit its teeth and take it as "the way it is". The next might adopt a sacrifical tradition to keep the burden off as many humans as possible and send every year a tithe of 7 virgins/criminals/kidnapped strangers to the vampire lord. Another might embrace evil and worship the monsters as harsh gods walking on earth.

The spells of Mauristatia
Mauristatian spells are bound to have a lot of horror trappings to them. Creating Frankenstein-like flesh golems, the Evil Eye and raising the dead are the kind of thing sorcerers from such a warped culture are into.

Another thing to keep in mind is that much of the ruling class consists of monsters, who certainly had their hand in developing and applying it. Much of the powers attributed to monsters, such as vampiric flight and hypnotic gaze, might have their origin in Mauristatian sorcery spells.

As Mauristatia is rather a loose collection of autonomous principalities, there might be some variety in sorcery systems. Maybe 42 spells are shared by all principalities, and the remaining 6 depend on whether the domain is ruled by vampires, werewolves, necromancers or the odd human.

The components of Mauristatia
As with the spells, a lot of the components used in Mauristatia will have a strong horror bend. Bones, skulls, black candles, bat skins, pumpkins and jars with beetles are just the basic stuff. Stranger spells might require the cut-off hand of a convicted thief, candles made of the fat of stillbirths, a rope used to hang a murderer or ashes of a burnt temple.

Speaking of blood: An interesting twist could be a spell that uses the blood (and stamina) of another human to fuel sorcery. Gruesome implications if you think of the possibility of a Vampire Sorcerer.
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Post by torus » Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:07 pm

Yeah, Mauristatia. What a great name - and I really liked the map in Warlock 5:
http://www.fightingfantasy.org.uk/Booko ... lock5.html
Which made me envisage it as a dark and untamed wilderness at the centre of the Old World, with high mountains and ancient forests.

And then it was, yeah, vampires live here, it's exactly like Dracula, and nothing like that map. Meh. I know lots of people love them, but I find vampires boring. I kind of feel the same way about this as I do about Hachiman == ninjas, samurai etc; i.e. I ignore it.

Having said that, those are good ideas for a strand of sorcery influenced by necromancy.

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Post by Skyrock » Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:41 pm

Blame the 90s, when Vampire was all the rage and D&D was jumping the bandwagon with Ravenloft.
Had the Mauristatia gamebooks (Howl of the Werewolf etc.) came out earlier, we might have gotten something more unique.

As it is, I am going with what is laid down in Titan, the gamebooks and FF wikia.

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Post by torus » Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:18 pm

Skyrock wrote: As it is, I am going with what is laid down in Titan, the gamebooks and FF wikia.
yes of course, and that's fair enough - sorry I didn't mean to be negative about your ideas.

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Post by Slloyd14 » Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:24 am

Some horror based spells

Cost 1 stamina point
Component: A vial of demon blood (used up in the process)

This spell summons a tentacled abomination which forms from the demon blood when it is poured on the ground. As well as being a dangerous foe, the beast may send mad anyone who looks upon it.

The beast has skill 7 stamina 6, 2 attacks, large bite and anyone in who sees it must test their luck or be rooted to the spot with either fear or because they cannot comprehend it. They cannot move until someone else rouses them or they are struck in combat.

Anyone rooted to the spot with fear for a number of rounds greater than their luck score will suffer from a madness.

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Re: [Regional Sorcery] Mauristatia

Post by Nuvole! » Mon Apr 18, 2016 9:51 am

In Vault of the Vampire, set in Mauristatia, at paragraph 102, you can aquire a magic ring of spell storing with 3 of these 6 spells still available:
Perhaps these could be part of Mauristatian Sorcery tradition and adapted consequently, amongst others.
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