First Proper Post – All about Demons of Doom

Probably not surprisingly, my post this week is about my current Kickstarter: Demons of Doom.


I won’t bore you with the details of this, apart from it is a supplement for Advanced Fighting Fantasy and is a lot of fun!

When i was mulling over the idea of this book, one thing that did occur to me was to write it for D&D5e.  I have run the new version of D&D and like it a lot.  I have played D&D for over 35 years (basic, 1e, 2e and 5e).  And the reason i thought of that?  Money.

Most 5e Kickstarters, from companies i have never heard of, seem to fund in hours.  Adventures, supplements and settings seem to cruise into the tens of thousands with ease.  That would be nice.  But, i am sticking with AFF.  I looked through the D&D monster manuals and made notes about the various Demon types, and then did the same with Out of the Pit and Beyond the Pit.  And the FF Demons seem to have so much more character.  That might just be nostalgia speaking (i am sure it is) but the Mirror Demon was just calling to me!

I know that it means i will fund the project and go past my target, but am unlikely to hit very high levels.  But there are more important things in life than money, and when i speak to the people who play AFF, i know that what i write brings a lot of enjoyment, and i would rather go down that route.

Add to that the fact that when i started to write the book, it just seemed to fit so naturally into the AFF system, it just had to be done!

I still have to finish writing the Adventure that will be in there and am waiting on a few bits of art etc, but it is almost done and i am very happy with it.  At which point i must turn to finishing the next Atlantis campaign part for AFF, the Sorcerers of Ur-Turuk city guide and Adventure, another Maelstrom Domesday book and more…

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