First steps in the hobby

My three eldest children have played some RPG’s, although only simple ones.  At 13, 8 and 5 they are not really ready for complex rulesets.  We have played some Beyond the Wall and some simplified D6 Star Wars (using SW Lego as props) but yesterday we started on Advanced Fighting Fantasy.  We used the Archetypes rather than create characters, and i have started running them through “The WelL”.

And so to the point of this post.  New eyes looking at the hobby.  My son has an Elven Wizard character and i explained what each of his spells did (including Force Bolt and Lightning Blast) and expected him to look at blasting enemies whenever he got the chance.  They opened the first door to find the Goblin Guards, who rushed to the attack.  I asked him what spell he would cast, and he asked me what the Repulsion cantrip does.  I read out the description and told him that it makes one target really dislike another.  He then said he would cast that on one of the Goblins and make him hate his mate.  I decided that it was such a good use of a spell, it would have the desired effect if it worked (which it did).  Target Goblin turned round and belted his mate, scoring a critical, and taking him out in one blow.

In the seven years i have been running AFF2e, for many, many people, no-one has ever even thought about using such a minor cantrip to have such a major effect.  I spent much of the evening grinning to myself.

They both really loved the game and want to continue it this evening, when they will face the mystery of the book, candle and chalice on the table.

It is obviously very important to get new blood into the hobby, and the best way to do that is for new young players to enjoy themselves playing.  I think mine are now hooked, and hopefully this will be the start of many, many future games!

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