Ghosts and ghoulies

Although a lot of my time recently has been taken up with getting Demons of Doom finished, i still have plenty of other books and projects in the back of my mind.  One of these is the continuing series of Maelstrom Domesday adventure shards.  So far two of these have been published, but there will be plenty more.

The idea behind these is that they provide a ready made investigative adventure for a session or two for Domesday.  Probably the biggest reason i have heard that people don’t run investigative scenarios is that coming up with the actual mystery, clues, events and so forth can be difficult.  Certainly more difficult than a dungeon adventure!  Of course, it is also more difficult for us to plan these, even though they are fairly short.  With Domesday we also have to keep them feeling medieval.

I therefore spend a lot of my time on the lookout for inspiration.  News articles, ghost stories, tv shows of all kinds.  All of these spark ideas.  But so do things i see when i am driving around, moving sheep and so on.  I tend to make a note of all of these little inspirations, a few of which may eventually lead to an actual shard.

So a few days ago, i was checking some sheep on the moor in one of my remote fields where there happens to be the remains of an old iron age settlement:


There was a howling gale blowing across the hilltop, horizontal rain and it was cold.  As i got nearer i saw that the sheep were lying down for shelter against the low ruined iron age walls, in nice semi-circles.  These ruins would have been known to the 11th century inhabitants of our village, and that moor would have been grazed, with shepherds living up there all summer.  Which gives me an idea…

I won’t spoil the investigation now, but watch this space!

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