Musings on the legacy we leave

There was sad news this week at the passing of Greg Stafford at the age of 70.  There will be many obituaries out there where you can read his full output, but he was responsible for Pendragon, Runequest, Glorantha, Prince Valiant and the Ghostbusters RPG.  He also co-designed the King of Dragon pass computer game, founded Chaosium and much more.

It goes without saying that much of modern gaming has been heavily influenced by his work and design and his is one of the handful of most influential people in the industry.  And now he is gone.

But, only after a fashion.  Four separate editions of Pendragon still sit on my shelf, as do three editions of Runequest and the Ghostbusters RPG.  Call of Cthulhu is there, as is Openquest (both derived from Runequest) and so are numerous D6-system based games, including several i have written (developed from the Ghostbusters system).  So he may no longer be here in person, but his legacy is still with us, and i think that is the best way for anyone to live on.  If you can leave something behind that benefits mankind, even by the tiniest bit, you have made a difference.


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