Busy, busy, busy

It is that time of year when there seems to be 28 hours of work to be done every day…  My other jobs are hitting their busiest time of year and there is so much to be done that you just have to keep going and wait for things to calm down.

Now that the Demons of Doom Kickstarter campaign is finished and the pdf’s sent, there is not much i can now do on that until the test Print copy gets here, at which point i can start fulfilling those pledges.  This part of a KS seems to take forever, but is should, with any luck, not be too long.

# I need to crack on and finish the City Guide and Adventure for Sorcerers of Ur-Turuk, both of which are over half written and art is being completed.

# I need to finish the third set of Stellar Adventures paper miniatures (again, over half done)

# I need to finish part 5 of the Atlantis campaign for AFF (gues what, over half done!)

# I need to edit and publish another Maelstrom Domesday shard

# I need to get the website finished off

# I need to make a start on the Gazeteer of Arion for AFF

# I need to get the other writers started on the Equipment Catalogue for AFF

Those are the urgent jobs, but there are other books to organise and start (or finish) writing this autumn and there are more that i want to start on at the beginning of next year.  However, it feels like my various game lines are beginning to come together nicely now so it is all worth it!!

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