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The core rulebook contains everything needed to play,

but this players guide is the perfect introduction and reference to both the rules and the setting.

Offering a commentary view on character creation, the game rules, magick and religion, this book will help a completely new player quickly master the game rules. The included complete setting guide will prove an invaluable reference either before or during play to the world of 1086. All in all, this book is an easy read and a perfect companion volume for any player.

This book does require the Maelstrom Domesday RPG book to use as it does

not in itself contain any of the rules.





This full length investigative adventure set in the ancient village of Ledsham is perfect for novice investigators or experienced characters alike and can be run as a one off or easily integrated into a full campaign. The full adventure should take roughly 3-4 game sessions to play through and can be run with as many characters as desired.

Something evil lurks in the woodland of the manor of Ledsham, eating game and scaring the villagers. The Norman baron Ilbert de Lacy will take harsh measures against the village unless the brave investigators can

find out the truth behind the beast and deal with the problem once and for all.

This book brings you various maps, charts and plans to enhance your Maelstrom Domesday game.  Regional maps to work out where your place in the kingdom is.  Town, manor and village maps to provide a base for your investigators or adventure locations.  The building maps are for when things are a bit more personal.

This book is useful for Referees and Players alike, as a reference to the world in which the characters live and as inspiration for planning an adventure.


Maps of Yorkshire and England 1066

Plans of an abbey, castle, town and church

Plans and drawings of various houses

Barrow plans

2 Poetic manor maps

6 village maps

This adventure for the Maelstrom Domesday RPG is set in midwinter, specifically at Yule (otherwise known as Christmas!).  It is suitable to run as a one-off or as part of a longer campaign.

What is the secret of the remote grange?  Who are the monks that live there?  Can the characters discover the secret or will they be forced to run for their lives?

This adventure requires the core Maelstrom Domesday rulebook to play.

One of the hallmark features of the original game was its varied and evocative herbal appendix.  

Maelstrom Domesday takes that to the next level with 100 new Herbs.  These cards, all 100 of them, are designed to make it easier for a player or Referee to use these herbs in play by pesenting a colour image, full game statistics and description all on one card.

These cards provide a handy reference to the professional abilities in the game, reducing the amount of book-checking that is required.

They also provide all of the information on each Living to speed up character creation and even have statistics for an average person in that living as a handy Referee guide!

These cards can be used as a handy at-table reference to the different combat options available, and can even be used as action declaration cards, laid face down to hide a characters action from the Referee!