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In the dark of the night, strange things lurk and howl.  The supernatural are not just stories to frighten unruly children or provide a plot for a cheap movie, they are real!

And what is worse, not only are they supernatural, but they are also human. Well, human-ish anyway.

This is a roleplaying game about being those creatures.  It is about reconciling what you were with what you are.  It is about facing up to the monster inside.   It is a game of action and interaction.  It is whatever sort of game you want it to be.

The supernatural characters available are:  

Vampire               Werewolf

Ghoul                 Warlock

Psychic                Ghost

Fey                 Immortal

Built on the classic FASERIP rules recently retrocloned by Blacky the Blackball, the system allows rapid and uncomplicated character creation, fast action resolution and beyond human adventures.  Although compatible will the full FASERIP rules, this book will contain all of the rules needed for play.

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